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Stop following the advice on forums and the opinion of ‘experts’. TipstersPortal gives full access to our verified Tipster’s history so you can choose the right tipster!

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Play video to find out how you can start
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Bet with Confidence

TipstersPortal makes placing winning bets easier than ever before. With hundreds of tipsters, full, unmodified tip histories and a sophisticated verification system you can be sure all our tipsters know what makes a great bet.
Don’t want to leave it to chance? Then follow our verified tipsters and start winning big!

Bet with Confidence

Stop Following Opinions

If we’re being honest, most tipsters only offer nothing more than their opinion. They tell you who they think will win. Thanks to TipstersPortal transparency you can be sure the tipsters you subscribe to aren’t just offering an opinion. They’re the ones who do the research and consistently offer the most accurate advice.

Stop Following Opinions

A Bet You Can’t Lose?

You know it, we know it. There’s no such thing as a bet that can’t lose. But, it’s never about one single bet. We’ve taken hundreds of bettors from a low winning percentage to huge profits. You might lose one or two, but stay the course, follow your tipster and you’ll increase your overall profits.

A Bet You Can’t Lose?

The Only Betting Site Built for You, the Bettor

TipstersPortal is the only tipster site built for you, the bettor. Nowhere else offers the transparency we do. From our verification process and unmodified Tipster’s histories to delivering tips to your smartphone so you’re never out of the loop, TipstersPortal is here to help you win big.

The Only Betting Site Built for You, the Bettor

We want you to win. It’s as simple as that.

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  • Hundreds of Verified Tipsters

    We’ve got hundreds of verified tipsters in our portal, each and every one is committed to giving you the best chance of success.

  • Unmodified tipster Histories

    100% accurate, transparent and unmodified tipster histories. That’s what you get at TipstersPortal. No shady tipsters who don’t know their business and no bettors getting scammed.

  • Never Miss a Bet

    Every tip, right to your phone. Getting your bet in before the odds drop can be the difference between a good win and a great win. We’ll send the latest tips direct to your phone guaranteeing the best odds.

  • Track Your Performance

    Find where your biggest winning tips came from with our comprehensive tracking dashboard. Your full tip history is mapped so you know exactly which tipsters always get it right.

  • Profit

    Verified tipsters, great tips and sophisticated tracking. Betting’s never been this easy. All that’s left is for you to watch your profits grow!

  • Easy Sign Up

    Sign up now to get your first tip in the next 10 minutes!

Winning Bets in Three Simple Steps

Betting is about more than money. It’s about the thrill of the win. TipstersPortal gives you more winning tips, a greater financial return and a constant stream of thrilling victories in only three short steps.

  • Step 1 - Select a Tipster

    Step 1 - Select a Tipster

    You have full access to each and every tipster’s full, unmodified tip history. Check you chosen tipster’s history to ensure they know their business and are the best tipster for you.

  • Step 2 - Receive Your Tip

    Step 2 - Receive Your Tip

    We’ll send your tip through immediately after payment has completed. You can choose whether to receive it via phone, email or in our app.

  • Step 3 - Profit

    Step 3 - Profit

    Place that bet and become a member of the 2% of bettors who win. Reinvest and watch your winnings grow!

What our happy customers have to say

I love winning, so I love this site! The tips have helped me grow from average wins to nearly 10% return on investment!


If you do your research up front this site is great. I've managed to stay with the same tipsters for months now with great returns. All I had to do was check out their tip history and success rates.

Riley Vidler

This is the best site for beginner bettors. The Tipsters really know their stuff and because each Tipster’s history is guaranteed to be accurate you know the tips you’re getting are 100% real and of the best quality. A must for anyone who wants long term profits from the bookies!

Liam Chandler
United Kingdom

Excellent Customer Support

We’ve got 24/7 email support for all TipstersPortal subscribers. You’ll receive a response to any questions, queries or complaints within 24 hours of submission. All you have to do is email [email protected]

100% Safe

TipstersPortal guarantees the safety of your sensitive information. All payment details are protected by PPI and personal details are stored in our secured server. We’ll never sell your details to third parties or other businesses.


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