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TipstersPortal brings tipsters and bettors together. When you join our site you will receive unlimited access to hundreds of tipsters from around the world with verified track records.

No longer do you have to rely on the “hit or miss” tips offered in forums or try to determine on your own whether an individual tipster’s claims are true.

What We Do for You

We make it easy to receive tips from tipsters around the world. We also keep track of tipsters’ performances so that you know exactly how they have done since joining our site.

In fact, once a match has finished no one can modify a tipster’s history on our site which means no tipster can make themselves look more successful than they really are. This detailed, accurate information allows members to pick a tipster that is right for them and their upcoming bet.

In addition, we allow members to track the performance of their tips from the easy-to-use dashboard in their account.

The Tipsters

Before a tipster can start offering tips through TipstersPortal they must go through a verification process. The success of their tips is then tracked on our website so that you can see how their tips have performed since they signed up.

This means that now, instead of searching the Internet for hours and still not being sure which tipsters are legit and which aren’t, you can simply visit pages on our site to view top-performing tipsters.

See the top performing tipsters: tipstersportal.com/top-tipsters/gold
View the second level of tipsters: tipstersportal.com/top-tipsters/silver
iew the third level of tipsters: tipstersportal.com/top-tipsters/bronze

Our Benefits

Joining our site offers you a number of benefits, including:

Nowhere else can you gain easy access to hundreds of tipsters

All provided tip histories are 100% accurate and unmodified

Tips are sent directly to you by email and SMS text. They are also posted in your account

You can track the performance of your tips from your account

We provide industry leading customer service. We’ve got 24/7 email support for all subscribers and we respond to emails within 24 hours of submission

We are 100% safe - all payment details are protected by PPI and personal details are stored on a secured server. We’ll also never sell your details to third parties or other businesses


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