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Earn money by selling your tips to help others win!

As a bettor, your winnings are tied to two things; the odds and how much you bet. And that sucks. But we’re here to help.

The TipstersPortal Tipster Platform lets skilled bettors earn moneythrough selling tips. Those tips help bettors place better bets to win more cash.

If you know how to pick winning bets and want to help other bettorswin, sign up to become a TipstersPortal tipster. You could attract thousands of buyers earning thousands of Euros every month!

  • Keep attracting buyers and earn unlimited cash
  • Earn 60% of your sales (way above the industry average)
  • Withdraw your funds any time, any place
  • Earn a stable income with no risk
  • Grow a loyal following and recognition as a skilled bettor

How it works?

Serious Tips for Serious Bettors

You’ve got the knowledge and an impressive history of winning bets. Maybe you have a system or unique analysis method that allows you to continue to pick winning bets. But what you earn is still limited by the number of bets you can place, cash you can stake, and the odds set by the bookie. If you’re constantly picking winning bets, surely your earnings shouldn’t be limited, right? Well, now you can earn an unlimited amount. TipstersPortal is full of serious bettors. Bettors who are happy to pay for tips because they know our tipsters provide a high return on investment for them. If you’re serious about your tips, you need to find the serious bettors, and TipstersPortal is the place for you.

We Want You to Succeed

Most tip sites don’t look after their tipsters Offering tipsters less than 50% of their earnings and no assistance. They also charge a registration fee just for the creation of a profile! At Tipster’s portal we understand that you, the Tipster, are the lifeblood of our business. When you succeed, so do we. So we do everything we can to help you get started and attract more bettors.

  • We help verify your account to instil trust and attract more bettors
  • We take the smallest percentage possible. The majority of the 40% we take is used to keep the site going, pay taxes, and advertise to find more bettors for you.
  • We highlight high performing tipsters to bring them more business
  • Zero set-up or registration fee. All you need to spend is 10 minutes of your time. If you’ve got the tips and knowledge, we’ll help you become a tip superstar who earns more than a full time living.
  • 24 hour support. If you need help with anything on site, then we’re here for you

How Much Money Can You Make?

Well, that’s entirely up to you. We offer a higher percentage than any other tipster site and we don’t limit your earnings. The only thing that will limit your earning is your ability, how much work you put in and your tip performance. The more you improve your performance, the more money you’ll earn. Our tipsters receive an average €150 per subscriber and the average tipster has 30 subscribers. That puts the average tipster earning at €4500 per month, or €54,000 per year! Of course you could exceed the average and earn far more. We have some tipsters that earn €8000+ per month. That’s €96,000 per year, far more than the average UK income! We want you to succeed, the more money you earn, the happier everyone will be. Sign up today and see just how much you could make with your tips.

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