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Al-Raed vs Al-Taawoun - Match Preview

25 Dec 2018 Tampines -Tanjong Pagar SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Professional League
SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Professional League

Al Raed

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15:00 GMT
25 December 2018

Al Taawon

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15:00 GMT 25 December 2018

There isn’t much football on Christmas Day but there is some in Saudi Arabia as Al-Raed and Al-Taawoun face off in the only fixture of the day.


  • Al-Raed haven’t had the best start to the season as they sit 12th with 15 points from 13 games. They’ve won two of last five league games which is form that represents their position in the table. They scored their only goal of the last three games last time out as they beat Al-Hazm 1-0.
  • Al-Taawoun have been much better than their upcoming opponents and they are 4th in the table at this almost halfway stage of the season. They’ve won four of their last five games as they have risen up the table. Although, they were defeated in their last match as they lost 3-1 away at Al-Qadisiyah.
  • Saleh Javier is Al-Raed’s leading scorer but with just four goals, he highlights their lack of a prolific striker.
  • Meanwhile, Al-Taawoun have their second highest scorer in the whole league. Leandre Tawamba Kana has 11 goals, only Batefimbi Gomis has more.


The last two meetings between the sides have ended as 2-2 draws with the fixtures in January of this year and September of last year reaching that conclusion. Both sides will be hoping to win on Tuesday as they meet for the first time this season.


The hosts can go 11th with a win but they will be up against it against a side with real title-contending credentials.

Latest matches: Al Raed

20.12.2018 Saud Al Raed Al Hazm 1:0 W
14.12.2018 Saud Al Nasr Riyadh Al Raed 4:0 L
08.12.2018 Saud Al Raed Al Ahli Jeddah 0:0 D
01.12.2018 Saud Al Baten Al Raed 1:3 W
23.11.2018 Saud Al Qadisiyah Al Raed 3:1 L


The visitors can go 3rd with three points and they should be able to do just that on a much better run of form.

Latest matches: Al Taawon

21.12.2018 Saud Al Qadisiyah Al Taawon 3:1 L
14.12.2018 Saud Al Taawon Al Faiha 3:0 W
07.12.2018 Saud Al Wehda Al Taawon 0:1 W
01.12.2018 Saud Al Fateh SC Al Taawon 0:2 W
24.11.2018 Saud Al Ittifaq Al Taawon 2:4 W


The away side have a much superior side and are in better form therefore they should come away with a win on Christmas Day despite being away from. Backing Tawamba Kana to score might also be worthwhile as he is in fantastic goalscoring form.

About the author - Tampines -Tanjong Pagar

  1. Tampines: Tampines Football Club, also known as Tampines Rovers, is a professional soccer team based in Singapore. They compete in the Singapore Premier League (SPL) and have a rich history in Singaporean football. Here are some key points to consider about Tampines:


  • Experienced Squad: Tampines Rovers have a good mix of experienced players who bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to the team.
  • Strong Attack: The team boasts several talented attacking players who are capable of creating scoring opportunities and finding the back of the net.
  • Consistent Performers: Tampines Rovers have been consistently competitive in the SPL, often finishing near the top of the league table.


  • Defensive Vulnerabilities: At times, Tampines Rovers have shown vulnerabilities in their defense, which can lead to conceding goals.
  • Inconsistency: While they have had successful campaigns in the past, there have been instances where they struggled to maintain a consistent performance level.
  1. Tanjong Pagar: Tanjong Pagar United Football Club is another Singaporean soccer team that participates in the Singapore Premier League. After a hiatus, they made a return to the league in recent years. Here's an assessment of Tanjong Pagar:


  • Resurgence: After their return to the SPL, Tanjong Pagar has shown resilience and determination to re-establish themselves as a competitive team.
  • Young Talent: The team has invested in young players, giving them opportunities to develop and showcase their abilities.
  • Fighting Spirit: Tanjong Pagar has displayed a never-give-up attitude, often putting up spirited performances even against stronger opponents.


  • Limited Squad Depth: Tanjong Pagar may face challenges due to a relatively smaller squad and fewer resources compared to some other teams in the league.
  • Defensive Fragility: The team has struggled with defensive solidity at times, leading to conceding goals more frequently.

Overall, Tampines Rovers have a stronger track record and a more established presence in the Singapore Premier League. They possess experienced players and have a history of competitive performances. On the other hand, Tanjong Pagar is a team that has been rebuilding and showing signs of progress. While they may face challenges, they have displayed resilience and a commitment to improvement.

It's important to note that soccer teams' performance can vary over time, so it's always a good idea to keep up with the latest news and updates on their progress.


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