Tuesday 15 May

Aston Villa vs. Middlesbrough Match Preview

15 May 2018 Keith M. ENGLAND: Championship, Playoffs
ENGLAND: Championship, Playoffs

Aston Villa

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18:45 GMT
15 May 2018

Middlesbrough FC

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18:45 GMT 15 May 2018

The Aston Villa vs. Middlesbrough match will be played on Tuesday, May 15, at the Villa Park, Birmingham. This is the second semifinal leg of Championship playoffs. In the first match played in Middlesbrough, Aston Villa recorded 1:0 victory.


  • Aston Villa recorded four victories in their last six league games. In five out of their last six games we saw under 2.5 goals.
  • Middlesbrough won three out of their last five league games. However, they failed to win in two games in the row. In four out of their last six games we saw over 2.5 goals.


In their last ten meetings, Aston Villa recorded four victories, Middlesbrough had two wins, while four games ended in a draw. In their last five matches we saw under 2.5 goals.


Aston Villa defended vigorously in the first match and despite Middlesbrough had more chances and huge ball possession, they failed to score a goal. Mile Jedinak scored the only goal in 15th minute and until the end of the match the hosts failed to break the deadlock. Aston Villa will probably try to play a similar match in the rematch. They have the advantage, Middlesbrough will have to attack them, and one goal might solve everything here.

Latest matches: Aston Villa

12.05.2018 Cham Middlesbrough FC Aston Villa 0:1 W
06.05.2018 Cham Millwall FC Aston Villa 1:0 L
28.04.2018 Cham Aston Villa Derby County 1:1 D
21.04.2018 Cham Ipswich Town Aston Villa 0:4 W
13.04.2018 Cham Aston Villa Leeds United 1:0 W


Middlesbrough failed to convert at least one of the numerous chances they had in the first game. Middlesbrough had 17 shots, 10 corner kicks and 63% ball possession and it wasn't enough for a goal. Now they are facing a difficult challenge. Aston Villa has experienced defense and they are comfortable while they are standing deep, so it will be hard for Middlesbrough to break them again.

Latest matches: Middlesbrough FC

12.05.2018 Cham Middlesbrough FC Aston Villa 0:1 L
06.05.2018 Cham Ipswich Town Middlesbrough FC 2:2 D
28.04.2018 Cham Middlesbrough FC Millwall FC 2:0 W
21.04.2018 Cham Derby County Middlesbrough FC 1:2 W
14.04.2018 Cham Middlesbrough FC Bristol City 2:1 W


Middlesbrough have to score an early goal in order to get back into the race. Aston Villa will defend the advantage from the first game and they will try to solve everything after counter attacks.

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