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Atalanta vs. Juventus Match Preview

30 Jan 2018 Keith M. ITALY: Coppa Italia
ITALY: Coppa Italia

Atalanta Bergamasca

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  • W
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19:45 GMT
30 January 2018

Juventus Turin

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19:45 GMT 30 January 2018

The Atalanta vs. Juventus match will be played on Tuesday, January 30, at the Atleti Azzurri Stadium, Bergamo. This is the Coppa Italia semifinal first leg. In previous round, Atalanta surprisingly eliminated Napoli by 2:1, while Juventus defeated Torino by 2:0.


  • Atalanta was defeated only twice in their last 13 games in all competitions. However, both defeats came at home.
  • Juventus is in a series of eight victories at the moment. In their last four matches they didn't concede a single goal.


In their previous ten meetings, Juventus recorded eight victories, while two matches ended in a draw. Previously, Atalanta recorded a victory against Juventus in 2004, when the result was 2:0 in the Italian Cup. These teams played 22 games against each other since then. However, the last two matches ended in a draw. Before that, Juventus had a series of 14 victories against Atalanta in all competitions.


Atalanta dropped to eight place in the league and they are now trailing by four point behind the sixth-placed Sampdoria. Their primary goal for the season is to qualify for European competitions again. However, after eliminating Napoli in quarterfinals of the Cup, Atalanta feels they are really near the trophy in this competition, despite facing Juventus in the semis. In their long history, Atalanta won only one trophy in senior competition - Italian Cup in 1963. Last time they played in the final in 1996. They could rethink their priorities and focus on the Cup instead.

Latest matches: Atalanta Bergamasca

27.01.2018 Seri US Sassuolo Atalanta Bergamasca 0:3 W
21.01.2018 Seri Atalanta Bergamasca SSC Napoli 0:1 L
06.01.2018 Seri AS Roma Atalanta Bergamasca 1:2 W
02.01.2018 Copp SSC Napoli Atalanta Bergamasca 1:2 W
30.12.2017 Seri Atalanta Bergamasca Cagliari Calcio 1:2 L


Juventus is in an excellent form, despite they are still second in the league. Napoli is playing almost a perfect season as well and they are pushing the champion to the limits. It is unlikely that Juventus will send their best team on the pitch in the upcoming game, but they are still the favorites to win it.

Latest matches: Juventus Turin

27.01.2018 Seri AC Chievo Verona Juventus Turin 0:2 W
22.01.2018 Seri Juventus Turin Genoa FC 1:0 W
06.01.2018 Seri Cagliari Calcio Juventus Turin 0:1 W
03.01.2018 Copp Juventus Turin Turin FC 2:0 W
30.12.2017 Seri Hellas Verona Juventus Turin 1:3 W


We expect an interesting game with more than 2.5 goals scored. Atalanta will seek for their chance from counter attacks, while Juventus will try to finish the job in the first leg.

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