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Austria vs. Russia Match Preview

29 May 2018 Keith M. INTERNATIONAL: International Friendly Games
INTERNATIONAL: International Friendly Games


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18:45 GMT
30 May 2018


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18:45 GMT 30 May 2018

The Austria vs. Russia match will be played on Wednesday, May 30, at the Tivoli Stadium, Innsrbruck. This is an international friendly football match.


  • Austria is in a series of five victories in all competitions. In their last four games they conceded only one goal.
  • Russia didn't win for five straight matches. They conceded three goals in each of their last three games.


These teams met four times since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia won one game, Austria two, while one matched ended in a draw. The last two games played in 2014 and 2015 in qualifiers for European championship ended with 1:0 in favor of Austria.


Austria failed to qualify for the World Cup in Russia, although they were the biggest favorite in their qualifying group. Terrible start of the cycle cost them and their late push and two victories in a row didn't bring them anything; they stayed fourth, behind Wales, Ireland, and Serbia. After the qualifying cycle finished, Austria recorded three victories in friendly games, against Uruguay, Slovenia and Luxembourg. After Russia, they will face Germany and Brazil before the start of World Cup. Austria choose strong rivals in this period in order to prepare for the upcoming European championship qualifying cycle. They don't want to miss the second big championship in a row.

Latest matches: Austria

27.03.2018 Inte Luxembourg Austria 0:4 W
23.03.2018 Inte Austria Slovenia 3:0 W
14.11.2017 Inte Austria Uruguay 2:1 W
09.10.2017 Worl Moldova Austria 0:1 W
06.10.2017 Worl Austria Serbia 3:2 W


Russia is the host of the upcoming World Cup, but they are not in a particularly good form at the moment. Russia failed to win the match since October 2017, when they were better than South Korea. Russia is in the group with Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Uruguay and they have solid chances to qualify for the knockout phase of the competition, but they will have to perform much better than in their last two games against Brazil and France.

Latest matches: Russia

27.03.2018 Inte Russia France 1:3 L
23.03.2018 Inte Russia Brazil 0:3 L
14.11.2017 Inte Russia Spain 3:3 D
11.11.2017 Inte Russia Argentina 0:1 L
10.10.2017 Inte Russia Iran 1:1 D


Austria is the favorite to win the upcoming game. We don't expect to see many goals.

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