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Belgium vs. England Match Preview

13 Jul 2018 Keith M. INTERNATIONAL: World Cup, Knockout stage
INTERNATIONAL: World Cup, Knockout stage


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14:00 GMT
14 July 2018


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14:00 GMT 14 July 2018

The Belgium vs. England match will be played on Saturday, July 14, at the Saint Petersburg Stadium, Saint Petersburg. This is the third place playoff match of World Cup in Russia. England was defeated against Croatia in the semis by 2:1 after extra time, while Belgium was eliminated by the hands of France. The result was 1:0.


  • Until the semifinal match against France, Belgium won all five games at the World Cup after 90 minutes.
  • England was defeated against Croatia after extra time, and before that, they eliminated Colombia after a penalty shootout. Before the semis, they suffered one defeat, against Belgium.


These teams played 22 matches against each other. England won 15 games, Belgium only three, while four matches ended in a draw. However, Belgium won two out of their last four encounters, including the match played here in Russia in the group phase of the competition.


After eliminating Brazil in the quarterfinals, the most of the fans saw Belgium as the biggest favorites to win the title. However, they failed to continue their winning streak against France, that won the match by 1:0. Belgium started that match better, they were more aggressive and had better chances in the first 30 minutes of the game, but as the match progressed, France was getting better and Umtiti crowned their efforts with a goal. This is the second time Belgium will play the match for third place on World Cup. In 1986, they were defeated against France by 4:2 after extra time.

Latest matches: Belgium

10.07.2018 Worl France Belgium 1:0 L
06.07.2018 Worl Brazil Belgium 1:2 W
02.07.2018 Worl Belgium Japan 3:2 W
28.06.2018 Worl England Belgium 0:1 W
23.06.2018 Worl Belgium Tunisia 5:2 W


England hopes for World Cup trophy coming home were shattered in the semis against Croatia. Although England started the match better and led from the 5th minute after the goal from Trippier, they were too defensive in the second half, and Croatia capitalized on that by equalizing in the 68th minute, while Mandzukic scored the winning goal in the 109th minute of the match.

Latest matches: England

11.07.2018 Worl Croatia England 2:1 L
07.07.2018 Worl Sweden England 0:2 W
03.07.2018 Worl Colombia England 4:5 W
28.06.2018 Worl England Belgium 0:1 L
24.06.2018 Worl England Panama 6:1 W


This match will be different from their encounter in the group, where most of the starters were resting for the knockout phase of the tournament. Both teams are disappointed and they will probably play with less defensive effort than usual. We should see over 2.5 goals in the upcoming game.

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