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Brazil vs. Belgium Match Preview

06 Jul 2018 Keith M. INTERNATIONAL: World Cup, Knockout stage
INTERNATIONAL: World Cup, Knockout stage


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18:00 GMT
06 July 2018


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18:00 GMT 06 July 2018

The Brazil vs. Belgium match will be played on Friday, July 6, at the Kazan Arena, Kazan. This is the World Cup quarterfinal match. Brazil eliminated Mexico by 2:0 in the previous round, while Belgium defeated Japan by 3:2.


  • Brazil recorded three 2:0 victories and one 1:1 draw so far in the World Cup. Five different players scored for them so far, while Coutinho and Neymar are the only players who scored two.
  • Belgium recorded four victories in the tournament so far. They scored 12 goals, which is the most in the first four games. Eight different players scored for them, and Romelu Lukaku is the most efficient in the team, with four goals.


These teams played only one match against each other on World Cup. In 2012, Brazil recorded 2:0 victory. Before that, Brazil recorded two wins in friendlies played in 1965 and 1988, but it is interesting that Belgium demolished them in a friendly match played in 1963, by 5:1.


After Spain and Germany were kicked out of the tournament, Brazil stands alone as the biggest favorite to win the title. However, they will face a talented Belgium team, filled with Premier League stars such as Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku and Kevin De Bruyne. Belgium is the best attacking force so far in the tournament and Brazil will have to stop their easy transition from defense to attack in order to get a positive result. However, Brazil will be able to exploit their weak wing defense; their biggest star Neymar is likely to shine in the upcoming match.

Latest matches: Brazil

02.07.2018 Worl Brazil Mexico 2:0 W
27.06.2018 Worl Serbia Brazil 0:2 W
22.06.2018 Worl Brazil Costa Rica 2:0 W
17.06.2018 Worl Brazil Switzerland 1:1 D
10.06.2018 Inte Austria Brazil 0:3 W


Belgium was on the brink of elimination against Japan. The Asian team led by 2:0, but Belgium showed character and scored the winning goal in the dying moments of the match. The margin for error against Brazil is non-existent, and they know that. Belgium will probably have to score first in order to have some chances to win the match.

Latest matches: Belgium

02.07.2018 Worl Belgium Japan 3:2 W
28.06.2018 Worl England Belgium 0:1 W
23.06.2018 Worl Belgium Tunisia 5:2 W
18.06.2018 Worl Belgium Panama 3:0 W
11.06.2018 Inte Belgium Costa Rica 4:1 W


Brazil is the favorite in the upcoming match. Unlike the others, we don't expect to see many goals in this game.

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