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Brazil vs. Peru Match Preview

06 Jul 2019 Keith M. INTERNATIONAL: Copa America, Knockout stage
INTERNATIONAL: Copa America, Knockout stage


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20:00 GMT
07 July 2019


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20:00 GMT 07 July 2019

The Brazil vs. Peru match will be played on Sunday, July 7, at the Maracana, Rio de Janeiro. This is the Copa America final match. In semifinals, Brazil eliminated Argentina, while Peru shocked the reigning champions Chile.


  • Brazil is in a series of 15 matches without a defeat. During that period they recorded only two draws. The last match they lost was they quarterfinal World Cup game against Belgium. In their last seven games they kept a clean sheet.
  • Peru lost only one match on the tournament so far. And that match was against Brazil, in the group stage of the competition. The result was 5:0, so they are hoping that at least it can't be that bad in the finals.


In their previous ten meetings, Brazil recorded seven wins, Peru had only one win, while two matches ended in a draw. In the last four matches at least one team failed to score a single goal. In Copa America 2016, Peru managed to beet Brazil and that's their first win against them since 1975!


Despite being booed by the crown at the halftime of their first Copa America match, Brazil qualified for the finals in a routine fashion. They haven't even conceded a goal on the tournament and they are the absolute favorite to become the champions on home soil. Brazil already demolished Peru on this tournament and everything except another confident win would be a major sensation.

Latest matches: Brazil

03.07.2019 Copa Brazil Argentina 2:0 W
28.06.2019 Copa Brazil Paraguay 4:3 W
22.06.2019 Copa Peru Brazil 0:5 W
19.06.2019 Copa Brazil Venezuela 0:0 D
15.06.2019 Copa Brazil Bolivia 3:0 W


Peru exceeded all expectations by qualifying for the final. If they manage to emulate their brilliant semifinal performance against Chile, they might have a chance to make the final competitive. They will certainly be defensive minded and try to score from counter attacks.

Latest matches: Peru

04.07.2019 Copa Chile Peru 0:3 W
29.06.2019 Copa Uruguay Peru 4:5 W
22.06.2019 Copa Peru Brazil 0:5 L
18.06.2019 Copa Bolivia Peru 1:3 W
15.06.2019 Copa Venezuela Peru 0:0 D


Brazil is the absolute favorite to win the trophy. They will try to do it by keeping a clean sheet again.

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