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Greece vs. Croatia Match Preview

11 Nov 2017 Keith M. INTERNATIONAL: World Cup Qualification, UEFA Playoffs
INTERNATIONAL: World Cup Qualification, UEFA Playoffs


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19:45 GMT
12 November 2017


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19:45 GMT 12 November 2017

The Greece vs. Croatia match will be played on Sunday, November 12, at the Georgios Karaiskaki Stadium, Piraeus. This is the World Cup qualification Europe playoff match. In the first leg played in Croatia one week ago, home side celebrated a 4:1 victory.


  • Greece won only two out of their last nine games. We saw over 2.5 goals in their previous four matches.
  • Croatia is currently in an undefeated series which lasts for three games. We saw only one draw in their last 15 matches.


These national teams played seven matches against each other so far. Greece won two games, Croatia recorded two victories as well, while three games ended in a draw. Last week, Croatia celebrated a comfortable 4:1 victory.

Head to head matches: Greece - Croatia

09.11.2017 Worl Croatia Greece 4:1


Greece finished second in their group, behind Belgium which dominated in this qualifying cycle. However, their performance level was just enough only to finish in front of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while Estonia, Cyprus and especially Gibraltar were too weak to fight for the second place. Against one of the top European teams, which Croatia undoubtedly is, we saw that Greece just doesn't have enough quality to hurt them. Nobody ever overcame the three goals deficit in the playoff games so that Greek team will have almost an impossible task before the second leg.

Latest matches: Greece

09.11.2017 Worl Croatia Greece 4:1 L
10.10.2017 Worl Greece Gibraltar 4:0 W
07.10.2017 Worl Cyprus Greece 1:2 W
03.09.2017 Worl Greece Belgium 1:2 L
31.08.2017 Worl Greece Estonia 0:0 D


Croatia wasn't great during the qualifying cycle. They finished behind Iceland, which will debut on the World Cup, only two years after they debuted on European Championship too. After the defeat in Turkey and a shocking draw against Finland at home, Croatia found themselves in a desperate situation, and they had to play a deciding match for the second place in Ukraine. They also sacked Ante Cacic before the match, and nobody knew what to expect from the underperforming squad, but they got a victory in Kyiv, and after that, they played an even better match against Greece and recorded 4:1 win.

Latest matches: Croatia

09.11.2017 Worl Croatia Greece 4:1 W
09.10.2017 Worl Ukraine Croatia 0:2 W
06.10.2017 Worl Croatia Finland 1:1 D
05.09.2017 Worl Turkey Croatia 1:0 L
02.09.2017 Worl Croatia Kosovo 1:0 W


Croatia should easily confirm a home victory and qualify for the World Cup. Greece will fight for sure, but their chances to qualify for Russia are minuscule.

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