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Juventus vs Real Madrid Match Preview

02 Apr 2018 Keith M. INTERNATIONAL CLUBS: UEFA Champions League, Knockout stage
INTERNATIONAL CLUBS: UEFA Champions League, Knockout stage

Juventus Turin

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18:45 GMT
03 April 2018

Real Madrid

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18:45 GMT 03 April 2018

The Juventus vs. Real Madrid match will be played on Tuesday, April 4, at the Allianz Stadium, Torino. This is the first quarterfinal leg of Champions League. In the previous round, Juventus eliminated Tottenham by 4:3 on aggregate, while Real Madrid eliminated PSG by 5:2 on aggregate.


  • Juventus is undefeated in their last 25 games in all competitions! In the last eight matches they recorded seven wins.
  • Real Madrid is in a series of five wins in all competitions. They scored at least two goals in each of those games.


In their last ten matches, Juventus recorded five victories, Real Madrid had two wins, while two games ended in a draw. Real Madrid celebrated a 4:1 victory in the last year's Champions League final. Before that, Real Madrid failed to eliminate Juventus in Champions League knockout phase.


Juventus recorded only a draw against SPAL two weeks ago and Napoli took advantage of it - they are again in the race for the title in Serie A. The match against Real Madrid is very important for the Italian team, but unlike the last couple of seasons, we will most likely have a real race for the title in Italy, so they can't neglect domestic league this time.

Latest matches: Juventus Turin

31.03.2018 Seri Juventus Turin AC Milan 3:1 W
17.03.2018 Seri Spal 2013 Juventus Turin 0:0 D
14.03.2018 Seri Juventus Turin Atalanta Bergamasca 2:0 W
11.03.2018 Seri Juventus Turin Udinese Calcio 2:0 W
07.03.2018 UEFA Tottenham Hotspur Juventus Turin 1:2 W


Real Madrid lost the race against Barcelona in Spain, but they will try to finish at least second. The derby against second-placed Atletico Madrid will be played on Santiago Bernabeu, right after the match against Juventus, so Real has a tough schedule to tackle. The fight for the trophy in Champions League is the last thing they can fight for until the end of the season.

Latest matches: Real Madrid

31.03.2018 LaLi Las Palmas UD Real Madrid 0:3 W
18.03.2018 LaLi Real Madrid Girona FC 6:3 W
10.03.2018 LaLi SD Eibar Real Madrid 1:2 W
06.03.2018 UEFA Paris St Germain Real Madrid 1:2 W
03.03.2018 LaLi Real Madrid Getafe CF 3:1 W


It is hard to predict the outcome of this match. Juventus is in a brutal form, but Real Madrid is better team on paper. We expect to see many goals.

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