Monday 20 May

Lazio vs. Bologna Match Preview

19 May 2019 Keith M. ITALY: Serie A
ITALY: Serie A

Lazio Roma

  • W
  • W
  • L
  • W
  • W


18:30 GMT
20 May 2019

Bologna FC

  • D
  • W
  • W
  • L
  • W

18:30 GMT 20 May 2019

The Lazio vs. Bologna match will be played on Monday, May 20, at the Olympic Stadium, Rome. Lazio is currently 8th on the table with 58 points, while Bologna is 14th on the table with 40 points at the moment.


  • Lazio won four out of their last five matches in all competitions. They scored at least one goal in seven consecutive games.
  • Bologna was defeated only once in their last six Serie A matches. They also recorded four victories in that period.


In their previous ten meetings, Lazio recorded six wins, while four matches ended in a draw. Bologna failed to defeat Lazio since 2012! We saw over 3.5 goals only twice in those ten games.


Lazio lost almost all chances to qualify for Europa League. They need to record two victories, against Bologna and Torino and hope that Roma will lose at home against Parma, which is an unlikely scenario. Lazio played some great matches and recorded some excellent results in this season, but they failed to maintain a constant form over the course of the season and that ultimately cost them a place in European competitions.

Latest matches: Lazio Roma

15.05.2019 Copp Lazio Roma Atalanta Bergamasca 2:0 W
11.05.2019 Seri Cagliari Calcio Lazio Roma 1:2 W
05.05.2019 Seri Lazio Roma Atalanta Bergamasca 1:3 L
28.04.2019 Seri Sampdoria Genoa Lazio Roma 1:2 W
24.04.2019 Copp AC Milan Lazio Roma 0:1 W


Bologna still hasn't secured a spot in Serie A in the next season, but their series of great results in the last month allowed them to rise up from the ashes and probably avoid relegation. Bologna failed to defeat Lazio for a long time. It would be ideal for them if they record a victory and end their European ambitions. A point from this match would definitely mean that Bologna is staying in Serie A.

Latest matches: Bologna FC

13.05.2019 Seri Bologna FC Parma FC 4:1 W
06.05.2019 Seri AC Milan Bologna FC 2:1 L
27.04.2019 Seri Bologna FC FC Empoli 3:1 W
20.04.2019 Seri Bologna FC Sampdoria Genoa 3:0 W
14.04.2019 Seri AC Fiorentina Bologna FC 0:0 D


Lazio is a favorite to win the upcoming match. However, Bologna has some chances as well and we believe that both teams will score at least one goal.

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Dedicated tipster with five years of experience. Devoted Arsenal fan and sports writer.

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