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Napoli vs Genoa Match Preview

10 Feb 2017 Keith M. ITALY: Serie A
ITALY: Serie A

SSC Napoli

  • W
  • W
  • W
  • D
  • W


19:45 GMT
10 February 2017

Genoa FC

  • L
  • L
  • D
  • D
  • L

19:45 GMT 10 February 2017

The Napoli vs Genoa match will be played on Friday, February 10, at the San Paolo stadium, Napoli. After 23 rounds in Serie A, Napoli is 3rd on the table with 48 points, while Genoa is 16th with 25 points.


  • Napoli is currently in a series of 17 matches without a defeat in all competitions! Last weekend, they defeated Bologna by 7-1 on the road in Serie A match.
  • Genoa is in a series of 8 matches without a victory in all competition. In addition, they conceded 3 or more goals in 3 out of their last 5 games!


In their previous 10 meetings, Napoli won 6 games, Genoa recorded only one victory, while 2 matches ended as a draw. Genoa recorded their last victory against Napoli 5 years ago! So, it would be a great surprise if Napoli didn't win the forthcoming match.

Head to head matches: SSC Napoli - Genoa FC

21.09.2016 Seri Genoa FC SSC Napoli 0:0
20.03.2016 Seri SSC Napoli Genoa FC 3:1
01.11.2015 Seri Genoa FC SSC Napoli 0:0


Napoli is in a fantastic form. They are performing better than ever in the 21st century - they are still in the race for the title in Serie A and they will play against reining European Champions, Real Madrid, in the first round of the Champions League knockout phase and if they perform like this, they have chances to surprise the favorites in both competitions! The match against Genoa is the last match before the big clash in Madrid, so Napoli will try to win this game with the least effort possible.

Latest matches: SSC Napoli

04.02.2017 Seri Bologna FC SSC Napoli 1:7 W
29.01.2017 Seri SSC Napoli US Palermo 1:1 D
24.01.2017 Copp SSC Napoli AC Fiorentina 1:0 W
21.01.2017 Seri AC Milan SSC Napoli 1:2 W
15.01.2017 Seri SSC Napoli Pescara Calcio 3:1 W


Genoa is in a terrible form currently. Lucky for them, they are still in the safe zone, with 11 points of advantage over Palermo, but if they continue playing like this, they might even drop into the relegation zone. They recorded 2 draws in the last 3 Serie A matches and that gives them a glimpse of hope before the forthcoming match against Napoli.

Latest matches: Genoa FC

05.02.2017 Seri Genoa FC US Sassuolo 0:1 L
29.01.2017 Seri AC Fiorentina Genoa FC 3:3 D
22.01.2017 Seri Genoa FC FC Crotone 2:2 D
18.01.2017 Copp Lazio Roma Genoa FC 4:2 L
15.01.2017 Seri Cagliari Calcio Genoa FC 4:1 L


Napoli will certainly attack right from the beginning of the match and try to solve all mysteries about the winner as early as possible, since they will play a much more important match next week, against Real Madrid.

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