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Roma vs. Empoli Match Preview

11 Mar 2019 Keith M. ITALY: Serie A
ITALY: Serie A

AS Roma

  • W
  • W
  • W
  • L
  • L


19:30 GMT
11 March 2019

FC Empoli

  • D
  • L
  • W
  • L
  • D

19:30 GMT 11 March 2019

The Roma vs. Empoli match will be played on Monday, March 11, at the Olympic Stadium, Rome. This is the last match of Serie A round 27. Roma is currently 5th on the table with 44 points, while Empoli is 17th with 22 points.


  • Roma lost their last two matches - 3:0 against Lazio in Serie A and 3:1 against Porto, which caused their elimination from Champions League. Prior to that, Roma had three victories in a row.
  • Empoli won only one out of their last seven matches in all competitions. In their last three games we saw over 2.5 goals.


In their previous ten meetings, Roma recorded seven victories, while three matches ended in a draw. The last victory for Empoli came in February 2007, over 12 years ago! In their last three head to head matches we saw under 2.5 goals.


After a humiliating defeat against Lazio and elimination from Champions League, Eusebio di Francesco was sacked by Roma board. Claudio Ranieri took over the team with one goal - to finish in the top four. Ranieri failed to stabilize Fulham earlier in the year and he got sacked last month. However, this is his second time at Roma, he knows the organization and the board well, which should help his adjustment. Everything except a victory against a struggling Empoli would be a disaster for him and his new club.

Latest matches: AS Roma

06.03.2019 UEFA FC Porto AS Roma 3:1 L
02.03.2019 Seri Lazio Roma AS Roma 3:0 L
23.02.2019 Seri Frosinone Calcio AS Roma 2:3 W
18.02.2019 Seri AS Roma Bologna FC 2:1 W
12.02.2019 UEFA AS Roma FC Porto 2:1 W


Empoli is in a difficult situation after a series of bad results. They are now only one point above the relegation zone, and with upcoming matches against Juventus and Napoli, the point from this match would mean much to them. However, they will probably focus on the home match against Frosinone in the next round. Frosinone is currently five points behind them and an eventual Empoli victory would eliminate one relegation rival from the picture.

Latest matches: FC Empoli

02.03.2019 Seri FC Empoli Parma FC 3:3 D
22.02.2019 Seri AC Milan FC Empoli 3:0 L
17.02.2019 Seri FC Empoli US Sassuolo 3:0 W
07.02.2019 Seri Lazio Roma FC Empoli 1:0 L
02.02.2019 Seri FC Empoli AC Chievo Verona 2:2 D


Everything except Roma's victory would be a sensation.

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