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Russia vs. Croatia Match Preview

06 Jul 2018 Keith M. INTERNATIONAL: World Cup, Knockout stage
INTERNATIONAL: World Cup, Knockout stage


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18:00 GMT
07 July 2018


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18:00 GMT 07 July 2018

The Russia vs. Croatia match will be played on Saturday, July 7, at the Olympic Stadium, Sochi. This is the World Cup quarterfinal match. Russia eliminated Spain after penalty shootout, while Croatia defeated Denmark also after penalty shootout.


  • Russia recorded two victories and one defeat in group phase, before they eliminated one of the favorites for the title, Spain, in the first round of the knockout phase. Alongside Belgium, Russia was the most efficient team after the second group round, but in the last match they lost against Uruguay 3:0.
  • Croatia recorded three victories in the group phase, but they eliminated Denmark after a penalty shootout.


Russia and Croatia played three times against each other. In European qualifying group in 2008, both games ended in a goalless draw, while Croatia defeated Russia by 3:1 in 2015 friendly match.


Russia exceeded all expectations by qualifying for the quarterfinals. They were among the worst placed teams on the FIFA rank list before the championships and nobody saw them qualifying for the late phase of the tournament, despite being the hosts. They defended vigorously against Spain and with a solid amount of luck they will try to go even further. Croatia is not a powerhouse such as Spain, but they will be the favorites in that match for sure. Russia will have a similar gameplan and defend their goal at all costs.

Latest matches: Russia

01.07.2018 Worl Spain Russia 4:5 W
25.06.2018 Worl Uruguay Russia 3:0 L
19.06.2018 Worl Russia Egypt 3:1 W
14.06.2018 Worl Russia Saudi Arabia 5:0 W
05.06.2018 Inte Russia Turkey 1:1 D


After Germany, Argentina and Spain exited the tournament, Croatia became one of the biggest favorites to advance to the final from their half of the draw. Their biggest success came in 1998, when they lost in the semis against France, and now they have the chance to at least repeat their success.

Latest matches: Croatia

01.07.2018 Worl Croatia Denmark 4:3 W
26.06.2018 Worl Iceland Croatia 1:2 W
21.06.2018 Worl Argentina Croatia 0:3 W
16.06.2018 Worl Croatia Nigeria 2:0 W
08.06.2018 Inte Croatia Senegal 2:1 W


Croatia is the favorite to win the match. However, if Russia scores first, they will have difficulties breaking their 10-men defense.

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