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SPAL vs. Juventus Match Preview

16 Mar 2018 Keith M. ITALY: Serie A
ITALY: Serie A

Spal 2013

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  • W
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  • D


19:45 GMT
17 March 2018

Juventus Turin

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19:45 GMT 17 March 2018

The SPAL vs. Juventus match will be played on Saturday, March 17, at the Paolo Mazza Stadium, Ferrara. SPAL is currently 18th on the table with 24 points, while Juventus is 1st on the table with 74 points at the moment.


  • SPAL won two out of their last three Serie A games. Prior to that, they had only one victory in 15 Serie A matches!
  • Juventus is in a series of 12 victories in Serie A. They haven't conceded a single goal in their last nine Serie A matches.


Since SPAL debuted in Serie A this year, they played only one game against each other. In the first part of the season, Juventus celebrated an easy 4:1 victory in Torino.


SPAL recorded two victory and a draw in the last three Serie A matches and returned into the fight against relegation. They are now neck-and-neck with Sassuolo and Crotone, they have only one points less than Chievo and two points less than Cagliari, but they also played one additional match in compared to those teams at the moment. Nevertheless, if they continue the string of great results, they might even survive the fight and stay in the league for the second consecutive season.

Latest matches: Spal 2013

11.03.2018 Seri US Sassuolo Spal 2013 1:1 D
03.03.2018 Seri Spal 2013 Bologna FC 1:0 W
25.02.2018 Seri FC Crotone Spal 2013 2:3 W
18.02.2018 Seri SSC Napoli Spal 2013 1:0 L
10.02.2018 Seri Spal 2013 AC Milan 0:4 L


Juventus is four points in front of Napoli at the moment, and it seems they will win another title in Serie A. They are focused on Champions League currently, and they will face the reigning champion Real Madrid in the quarterfinals. They met in the last year's final and Real Madrid celebrated an easy 4:1 victory. Juventus will be motivated to eliminate them this time. SPAL shouldn't pose a threat to them, but they shouldn't be taken lightly.

Latest matches: Juventus Turin

14.03.2018 Seri Juventus Turin Atalanta Bergamasca 2:0 W
11.03.2018 Seri Juventus Turin Udinese Calcio 2:0 W
07.03.2018 UEFA Tottenham Hotspur Juventus Turin 1:2 W
03.03.2018 Seri Lazio Roma Juventus Turin 0:1 W
28.02.2018 Copp Juventus Turin Atalanta Bergamasca 1:0 W


Juventus is the absolute favorite to win the upcoming game. SPAL would be thrilled with a point, but we believe that Juventus will keep a clean sheet and record a comfortable victory.

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Dedicated tipster with five years of experience. Devoted Arsenal fan and sports writer.

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