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Turkey vs. Iceland Match Preview

05 Oct 2017 Keith M. INTERNATIONAL: World Cup Qualification, UEFA Group I
INTERNATIONAL: World Cup Qualification, UEFA Group I


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18:45 GMT
06 October 2017


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18:45 GMT 06 October 2017

The Turkey vs. Iceland match will be played on Friday, October 6, at the Yeni Eskisehir Stadium, Eskisehir. Turkey is currently third in group I with 14 points, while Iceland is second with 16 points at the moment. With only two matches to go, this World Cup qualification Europe group is the most exciting by far! Croatia and Iceland are in the lead with 16 points, and they are followed by Turkey and Ukraine, which have 14 points.


  • Turkey was defeated only once in their last seven games, including the friendlies. At home, they hadn't lost since November 2014, when Brazil beat them in a friendly match by 4:0 in Istanbul.
  • Iceland recorded five victories and only one defeat in their last six games, including friendlies. However, they won just a match against Kosovo and snatched the point in Ukraine, while they were defeated in Croatia and Finland in this group.


Up to date, these teams played against each other ten times. Turkey recorded two victories, Iceland won six matches, while two games ended in a draw. In Turkey, the home team recorded two victories, Iceland had one, while one match ended in a draw. In the 21st century, they played three times, and Iceland won two games, including the game they played in this group last year, by 2:0. In their previous five games, at least one team haven't scored a single goal.


With a victory over Croatia, Turkey returned into the race for the top two. After the match against Iceland they travel to Finland, and with two wins they would secure the place in the top two. However, if they fail to defeat Iceland, their chances will be almost nonexistent, while the eventual defeat would eliminate them from the race.

Latest matches: Turkey

05.09.2017 Worl Turkey Croatia 1:0 W
02.09.2017 Worl Ukraine Turkey 2:0 L
11.06.2017 Worl Kosovo Turkey 1:4 W
05.06.2017 Inte Macedonia Turkey 0:0 D
27.03.2017 Inte Turkey Moldova 3:1 W


The defeat in Finland had a big price, and Iceland is in a difficult situation now. However, in the last round, they are hosting Kosovo, which means that a draw in Turkey would probably be enough for them to finish second.

Latest matches: Iceland

05.09.2017 Worl Iceland Ukraine 2:0 W
02.09.2017 Worl Finland Iceland 1:0 L
11.06.2017 Worl Iceland Croatia 1:0 W
28.03.2017 Inte Ireland Iceland 0:1 W
24.03.2017 Worl Kosovo Iceland 1:2 W


Turkey will have to be more aggressive and attack-minded in the upcoming game. Iceland will focus on counter attacks, and they will be happy with a draw.

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