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Wolfsburg vs. Dortmund Match Preview

18 Aug 2017 Keith M. GERMANY: Bundesliga
GERMANY: Bundesliga

VfL Wolfsburg

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  • L
  • L
  • W
  • W


13:30 GMT
19 August 2017

Borussia Dortmund

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  • L
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13:30 GMT 19 August 2017

The Wolfsburg vs. Borussia Dortmund match will be played on Saturday, August 18, at the Volkswagen Arena, Wolfsburg. This is the derby game of Bundesliga first round. In the last season, Borussia Dortmund finished 3rd with 64 points, while Wolfsburg was 16th with 37 points.


  • Wolfsburg recorded four victories and three defeats in the summer friendly matches. Before that, they beat Eintracht Braunschweig by 2:0 on aggregate and stayed in Bundesliga 1. They also defeated Eintracht Norderstedt by1:0 in the German Cup round one.
  • Borussia Dortmund recorded three victories, one draw and two defeats during the summer friendly tour. They also lost against Bayern Munich in German Super Cup after a penalty shootout, but they beat Rielasingen Arlend by 4:0 in the German Cup round one.


In their previous ten games, Dortmund recorded six victories, Wolfsburg had three wins, while one game ended in a draw. Borussia Dortmund is currently in a series of four victories against Wolfsburg.

Head to head matches: VfL Wolfsburg - Borussia Dortmund

18.02.2017 Bund Borussia Dortmund VfL Wolfsburg 3:0
20.09.2016 Bund VfL Wolfsburg Borussia Dortmund 1:5
30.04.2016 Bund Borussia Dortmund VfL Wolfsburg 5:1
05.12.2015 Bund VfL Wolfsburg Borussia Dortmund 1:2


Wolfsburg had to play the match against the third best team in Bundesliga 2 to avoid relegation. They had a terrible season and after that decided to renovate the team completely - they sold Rodriguez, Luiz Gustavo and returned Borja Mayoral to Real Madrid. Among others, they bought Brooks from Hertha and Ignacio Camacho from Malaga, but it seems they won't be able to fight for the place in the European competitions.

Latest matches: VfL Wolfsburg

13.08.2017 DFB Eintracht Norderstedt VfL Wolfsburg 0:1 W
08.08.2017 Club Hessen Kassel VfL Wolfsburg 0:2 W
06.08.2017 Club VfL Wolfsburg AC Fiorentina 0:2 L
02.08.2017 Club VfL Wolfsburg Newcastle United 1:3 L
29.07.2017 Club Fulham FC VfL Wolfsburg 0:3 W


Borussia Dortmund starts the season with the highest ambitions again. However, Bayern Munich won the last five Bundesliga editions, and it is hard to tell if Dortmund is stronger than they were in the previous season when they finished 3rd in the league.

Latest matches: Borussia Dortmund

12.08.2017 DFB 1. FC Rielasingen-Arlen Borussia Dortmund 0:4 W
06.08.2017 Club RW Erfurt Borussia Dortmund 2:5 W
05.08.2017 Supe Borussia Dortmund Bayern Munich 6:7 L
01.08.2017 Club Atalanta Bergamasca Borussia Dortmund 1:0 L
28.07.2017 Club Borussia Dortmund Espanyol Barcelona 0:1 L


Dortmund is the favorite to win this match. In their games, we usually see over 2.5 goals, and we expect the same in the upcoming game as well.

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Dedicated tipster with five years of experience. Devoted Arsenal fan and sports writer.

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